5G Security for Enterprises

Integrated 5G cybersecurity solutions for enterprise digital transformation

The rising complexity and scale of attack surfaces

The threat landscape is always changing, but the drastic shifts of recent years have made unprecedented demands on security teams. CT (communication technology) is now a new attack surface used to infiltrate and steal sensitive data.

Despite 5G’s inherent improved security over other wireless communication technologies, it’s still exposed to vulnerabilities and potential attacks.

Maximizing proactive security control and cyber risk management for enterprise 5G and IoT

To mitigate the impending security risks, enterprises require visibility and risk controls for their private 5G network that coexist seamlessly with existing digital assets.

Our solutions deliver risk-based asset visibility and security controls by unifying visibility, analytics, and control across security layers and workflows, closing the gap between IT (information technology), OT (operation technology), and even IIoT (industrial internet of things) environments. The result is greater security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and improved business performance.


Bridge threat protection and cyber risk management

Stop adversaries and take control of your security with a single platform

Our cloud-native security operations platform, Trend Vision One™, serves cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, combining ASM and XDR in a single console to effectively manage cyber risk across your organization.

Tailor-made CT cybersecurity

Powered by CTOne, Trend Micro™ Mobile Network Security offers a turnkey approach to private mobile network security for enterprises. Gain robust protection against diverse and evolving cyber threats across 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

Enterprise use cases

Two engineers working with a laptop


Today, we’re witnessing the ongoing integration of IT and OT networks leading to the emergence of true smart factories. 5G mobile networks will rapidly grow and evolve at unprecedented levels, creating new cybersecurity risks.

Three women with shopping bags

Shopping malls

In the era of 5G, everything will connect seamlessly through mobile networks: smart cars, health care devices, utilities, factories, and more. Take a closer look at how IT security is maintained in a commercial retail environment.

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