Secure Your Cloud Migration

Gain visibility and meet business needs with security

Secure Your Cloud Migration

Gain visibility and meet business needs with security


Securing a dispersed cloud environment

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Complex hybrid cloud environments

Business transformation doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time. During the transition, you’ll have a mix of technologies that can be complex for teams to secure as risks are uncovered.

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Too many tools create silos

Point products create visibility silos across your hybrid cloud environment. Security gaps can result from these silos, and teams lose valuable time investigating critical alerts and incidents.

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Continuous cloud compliance

Compliance audits and cloud governance are daunting tasks. Not only are there more servers, data, workloads, and applications, but they’re also constantly in flux. Ensuring compliance with frameworks such as NIST and PCI requires security tools built to manage the unique characteristics of hybrid cloud environments.

Security that enables business transformation

Trend Cloud One™ meets the needs of security, development, and business teams alike. It provides security information to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place, using cloud-native application protection (CNAPP) capabilities. We can protect you throughout your cloud transformation journey because we’ve been there.

Protecting complexity

With Trend Micro, you gain visibility today and futureproof your technology investment. Whether you are migrating standalone virtual machines to the cloud, or your teams are proficient in delivering value with containers, trust that Trend Cloud One has security controls to enable every step of your transformation.

Holistic cloud visibility

It’s easy for teams to add security solutions as new cloud environments are introduced, which can create visibility silos over time. Trend can help your teams migrate and transform quickly by giving them the broadest support for data center and public cloud technologies.

Accelerate cloud compliance

Trend Cloud One provides a consistent evaluation of compliance, governance, and assurance requirements across your data center and public cloud infrastructure. This enables you to continue delivering requirements to auditors and regulatory bodies necessary to your business, including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST.

Quantifying the projected ROI of Trend Cloud One

According to Forrester Consulting:

  • Annual time saved to security administration of between 2,100 and 6,200 hours (about 8.5 months)
  • Up to 188% improved efficiency of threat investigation and response
  • Projected net present value of $1.1 M

What customer says
"I like to be ahead of the game, so as a company we think about security early on. Trend fits into that strategy well with their constant innovation."
Thomas Grane,
CIO/CHRO, Director of Technology and Organization

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