2021 International Conference on Dynamical System and Industrial Control System
Assoc Professor. Pyare Mohan Tiwari

Assoc Professor. Pyare Mohan Tiwari

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Dr. Pyare Mohan TiwariLink

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Title: Spacecraft Attitude Control using Efficient Sliding Mode Control

Abstract:Success of spacecraft mission is significantly dependent on efficient attitude control design. Spacecraft attitude  control problem is addressed enough taking different control strategies. However, robustness, pointing accuracy,  and quick orientation are the still major issues to be addressed with more care. Sliding mode control is an  inherently robust control methods with simple design method. Recent advancement in sliding mode techniques  motivate to explore its uses for spacecraft attitude control design. This talk aims to discuss the issues on sliding  mode-based attitude control design with novel control structures to make attitude control system more efficient.

Brief introduction

PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi  

Total teaching and research experience 16 years 

Presently working in area of Sliding Mode Control Engineering and its Applications. Significant contribution is  done to apply sliding mode control engineering for Spacecraft Attitude Control Design