Zero Trust Secure Access

Redefine trust and secure digital transformation with continuous risk assessments


Secure access to the internet

More than ever, businesses run on SaaS apps accessed over the internet.

  • Gain visibility into the sensitive data processed and stored in these apps
  • Introduce trust-based access for sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
  • Leverage simple control with a unified policy

Deliver fast, protected access to cloud applications

Digital transformation includes migrating apps to public clouds.

  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access
  • Increase performance of SaaS and business applications and organizational resources
  • Remain secure with continuous risk assessment

Transform your remote access solution

The work from anywhere movement has become a reality for many organizations.

  • Securely connect your virtual workforce to individual corporate resources
  • Retire legacy VPN and bulky virtual desktop solutions
  • Introduce high-performance just-in-time access control

Continuous risk assessment

Single point-in-time assessment of an asset’s risk gives a false sense of security. Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Secure Access implements continuous risk assessment by analyzing threat factors of assets. Access to specific resources can be changed dynamically based on increases or decreases in risk. Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Risk Insights gathers telemetry and data to automate decisions by leveraging the Trend Micro endpoint agent and network tools.

A native part of your XDR strategy

Delivered as a part of the Trend Vision One platform, this native integration feeds telemetry and context to XDR operations, revealing and prioritizing risks for better decision-making with Zero Trust Risk Insights.

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